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Welcome to Author,

Shay Foster

Poetry designed to stimulate your mind,

one page at a time.

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"If you must know, I have this glow, that I ain't afraid to show. A light, so bright, it illuminates through the darkest  of nights.

About Me

—Shay Foster


"Some poems are harder to receive.


Some are just plain make believe.


And some are exaggerated pieces of my history.


Others, just fake memories..."


This Gift

—Shay Foster

Shaydes of Shay


Love Letters Lavender Love: Volume One

book cover.jpg


"Am loving dis shay.keep it up....d sky is ur starting point"

—Adefolabi Damilola

"I like the fact that there are two books in one. One is love and the other intimate. Gives readers a choice of what they enjoy and gives them something different to read at the same time. I would highly recommend."

—Maurice Harden

 "OMG!! What can I say about this urban masterpiece This book is intimate, passionate, and sexy it takes you on a ride you do not want to get off. Shay Foster you out did yourself on this one I'm lusting for your next book."

—McArthur  Macaveli Jones Jr

 "Some one else said it in an early post but there are two books in one. I believe a friend said it best to read them as two parts. One part is for the love I desire to have the second is just pure expressions of life and living through some things. Which we can all relate to in ever capacity. I know I really didn't know what to expect but now it's a must to read and re-read. I've gotten into some heavy discussions with friends over just the interpretation of how they saw and viewed the poetry in their minds and we've had a good time over the discussions. Bravo Shay! I'm proud of you and proud to call you a friend. Stay encouraged and do YOU!!!! Now have a reading of it with a Sip and Read at Soul on Sunday!!! Just and idea 💋💋💕💕"

—Mi Li

" Very entertaining and touching. Shay is very open and honest expressing poetry on many vivid life experiences. On topics discussing her love for the Creator, children, self-worth, insecurities, and past relationships. Some of my favorites: "Four Little Girls", "I Love You", and "Baby Girl". Now the Purple Onyx poems are super caliente ��� on the smack it up, flip it, rub me down oh noooo. From "Part 1&2" to "Stripper" My favorite "F@#k Valentine's Day!" Let's just say brotha was sleeping on them homemade brownies. Very creative and surprisingly all poems rhyme while displaying an entertaining story. True rating 4.5. Support you Shay. Expecting to hear more."  

—Lamar Ledbetter

 "I just started reading this book Nd I can’t put this book down God bless you Nd thnkz so much Luv ya" 

—Willie Davis III


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